We are working hard to reduce our impact in 2022. With the current climate condition, we recognise that the only way forward is to reduce our impact in every aspect of the way we do business. As we review and refine our current practices, new and exciting sustainable alternatives will be made available. The first of these being the introduction of laboratory grown diamonds.


Lab grown diamonds are composed of the same carbon atoms and chemicals as natural diamonds. They are real diamonds. Man made diamonds have the same physical, chemical, and optical properties as mined diamonds. The only thing that makes a lab grown diamond different from a natural diamond is its origin.


Lab diamonds, also known as cultured or engineered diamonds, are grown in a laboratory environment using advanced technology that mimics the environment that a natural diamond would usually form. Lab diamonds consist of the same carbon atoms as natural diamonds, and since they are made of the same chemical materials, they have the same optical qualities.


Lab diamonds are grown from a specialised carbon plate known as a seed. The seed is placed inside a low-pressure microwave chamber. Hydrogen and methane gases are then introduced. A microwave generator pumps energy into the chamber that ignites a glowing plasma ball. Carbon molecules rain on the seed, layering on top of it and fast-tracking the natural crystallisation process. This is known at the Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) method.


This process is completed within six to ten weeks. The diamond is then cut and polished by a master diamond cutter, the same as if it was a mined diamond. It will then be certified by ADGL.


There is a major difference between lab diamonds and imitation diamonds. Imitation diamonds, such as cubic zirconia and moissanite, have similar optical properties as real diamonds but are not carbon crystals. Imitations don't have the same chemical and physical properties as real diamonds. Imitation diamonds can be distinguished from lab grown diamonds using only your eye.


There are huge environmental, ethical and economic benefits to choosing a lab diamond for your next design. 


If you would like more information regarding lab diamonds, or would like to chat about using a lab diamond in your next design, please email