From day one, with our focus on local and ethically sourced materials, sustainability has been at the core of our business model. As a business working on Aboriginal Land, we have come to realise that if we are to be truly sustainable we must be contributing to decolonial endeavours in Australia. 

Laura Miers Jewellery donates 5% of all sales towards Coota Girls Aboriginal Corporation who support and address the complex social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing needs of Coota Girls Survivors and their descendants.

Cootamundra Domestic Training Home For Aboriginal Girls was where many girls from the Stolen Generation in NSW were forcefully taken to between 1912 and 1974. Aboriginal girls were trained to become domestic servants and farm hands in wealthy non-Aboriginal households. Girls in the homes were referred to as ‘inmates’ and parents were unable to regain access to their children until they turned 18yrs, and in many cases never again. The Girls experienced systematic racial discrimination by having their Aboriginal identity removed and being alienated from their families.

Both of Laura's parents were born in and grew up in Cootamundra. They went to school with many of these girls and because of the political cover up at the time were completely unaware of their circumstances.

We hope that our contribution will go a small way to raising awareness of and caring for this community and their intergenerational trauma.

For more information about Coota Girls, what they do and how you can help visit